Unpasteurised / Raw Milk (Green Top - Farm Fresh) UK & Ireland

Raw ~ Unpasteurised ~ Untreated ~ Green top ~ MILK

We recommend unpasteurised milk from high quality dairy herds that are grass-fed in the summer with home-grown silage / hay and natural feeds in the winter. We advise that herds should not have routine antibiotics and preferrably little or no use of grain feeds or concentrates. We prefer traditional dairy breeds such as Guernsey or Jersey cows - though raw milk from all breeds of cattle and from quality farmed buffalo, sheep and goats is still delicious and nutritious and may provide many health benefits.


DISCLAIMER: This page is a directory that has been made available for the public to make informed decisions regarding sales of Raw Milk. We are not responsible for any of the operations taking place at the farms mentioned and ask all individuals to make their own investigations before purchasing.

Exclusive UK Unpasteurised ~ raw milk map to help locate farms around the country.

Key: Yellow = Good Light green = Better  Dark green = Best

Full farm details are found by clicking on the icons embedded in the map or by scrolling to the table below the map.


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Note: This webpage is purely a directory of raw milk producers and suppliers. Whilst we make every effort to ensure the information listed is accurate and that farms listed have agreed to be listed, Natural Food Finder is not responsible for changes in dairy supply or for any of the products supplied by the farms listed.

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Northern England:

Laund Farm (Sheeps milk)

John and Simon Stott

Chipping, Lancashire, UK, PR3 2GS

T: 01995 61348


E: mail@sheepmilkuk.co.uk

Status: produce to high standards - has won awards in stewardship and farming

Breed: Specialist sheep dairy


Cliftons Farm

Thomas Parkinson

Silk Mill Lane, Inglewhite, Goosnargh, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 2LP

T: 01995 640 564

W: cliftonsfarm.com

E: farmerparky@yahoo.com

Status: Production certified organic

Breed: 40 strong Jersey herd

Feed: Grass fed in summer and home grown silage in winter

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

Wheelbirks Dairy Farm

Hugh & Tom Richardson

Stocksfield, Northumberland, NE43 7HY

T: 01661 842613

W: www.wheelbirks.co.uk

E: enquiries@wheelbirks.co.uk


Breed: Jersey cows

Feed: Grass fed

Higher Naylor Hill Farm

Anthony Haigh

Oxenhope, Keighley, BD22 9SU

T: 01535 643770


E: anthonyhaigh01@aol.com


Breed: Holstein/Freisian, Shorthorms and Brown Swiss cows

Feed: Grass fed in summer, silage in winter

Emma's Organic Dairy

Emma Robinson & Ian O'Reilly

Lower Gazehill Farm, Dancer Lane, Rimington, Clitheroe, BB7 4EE

T: 01200 445519

W: www.emmasorganicdairy.com

E: hello@emmasorganicdairy.co.uk

Status: Organic

Breed: Shorthorn cows

Feed: Grass fed in summer, hay silage and maltose in winter

Also sell unpasteurised cheese, organic cream and butter

* Online purchase and UK delivery now available.


Slack House Organic Farm

Dianne and Eric Horn

Gilsland, Cumbria, CA87DB

T: 01697 747351

W: www.slackhousefarm.co.uk

E: postmaster@slackhousefarm.plus.com

Status: Organic

Breed: Ayrshire cows

Feed: Grass fed in summer, home produced forage in winter

London & South East

Hook & Son

Longleys Farm, Harebeating Lane, Hailsham, BN27 1ER

T: 01323 449494

W: www.hookandson.co.uk

E: steve@hookandson.co.uk

Status: Organic

Breed: Friesian Holstein

* Online purchase and UK delivery now available.

Feed: grass silage in the winter that has been made from lush spring grass and clover. An organic pea and bean mix is also fed to the cows to supplement their grass diet

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

Hollypark farm (Goat's milk)

North Lane, Guestling Thorn, Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 4LX

T: 01424 812229


E: hollyparkorganics@talktalk.net

Status: Organic

Breed: Goats


Hollypark sell goats milk, yoghurt and cheese

Southview Farm

Charlie hughes

Bury, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1NP

T: 07703 286447

W: www.southviewfarmdairy.co.uk

E: charliehughes1@hotmail.com


Feed: grass fed

Breed: Holstein-Fresian and Guernsey cows

Platt House Farm

Robin Betts

Fairseat Lane,
Wrotham, Sevenoaks, TN15 7QB

T: 01732 820021

W: www.winterdale.co.uk

E: robin@winterdale.co.uk


Feed: Grass fed in summer, grass/maize silage in winter

Breed: Holstein-Fresian

Sell raw milk from the farm on Saturdays

Old Plaw Hatch Farm

Plaw Hatch lane, Sharpthorpe, East Sussex, RH19 4JL

T: 01342 810201

W: www.tablehurstandplawhatch.co.uk

E: info@plawhatchfarm.co.uk

Status: Biodynamic

Breed: MRI - Meuse rhine issel

Feed: Grass in the summer, silage or hay in winter

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!


High Weald Dairy LLP (Goat's milk)

Sarah and Mark Hardy

Tremains Farm, Horsted Keynes, West Sussex, RH17 7EA

W: www.highwealddairy.co.uk

Buy online: www.bigbarn.co.uk/marketplace/vendors/highweald

T: 01825 791636

E: info@highwealddairy.co.uk

Supplier of unpasteurised goats milk, reared on a small farm that also raises both organic sheep and cow's and has a good standard of general farming.

Breed: Goats

Status: non-organic


Blackburne & Haynes Dairy

Peter and Celia Haynes

Meadow Cottage Farm, Churt Rd, Headley, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 8SS

T: 01428 712155




Breed: Herd of 70 Jersey cattle

Feed: Grass fed in summer, silage, hay, maize, brewer's grain and protein cake in winter


The Good Shed - 

Station Road West, Canterbury CT2 8AN 

T: 01227 459 153

W: www.thegoodsshed.net

E: contact form



Feed: Grass fed in summer. Silage, maize silage, non-GMO protein, sugar beet pulp and chopped straw.

The Goodshed have ceased selling raw milk temporarily. They plan to produce their own in near future.

Ellie's Dairy Goats

Wychling, Kent, UK

T: 01795 886202

M: 07770 777970

W: www.elliesdairy.co.uk

E: ellie@elliesdairy.co.uk


Breed: British Toggenburg, British Saanen, British Alpine and Anglo Nubian goats

Feed: Grass / hay is primary feed with a little sugar beet pulp and rolled barley

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

Gote Farm

Gote Lane, Ringmer, East Sussex, UK, BN8 5HX

T: 01273 812303

M: 07710 978298

W: Business listing

E: matt@gotefarmlamb.wanadoo.co.uk

Status: Long established farm with good standards

Breed: Holstein

Feed: Grass fed, silage and maize

Gote farm runs a local milk delivery round

Ladymeads Farm (Goat's milk)

Edwina Le May

Bewlbridge lane, Lower Cousley Wood, Wadhurst, East Sussex, TN56HH

T: 01892 784915

E: enquiries@camrosa.co.uk

Status: Organic (Soil Association)

Breed: Toggenburg and Saanens goats

Feed: Grass fed on organic pasture and hay with organic oats and bean meal

Goats milk sold both fresh and frozen direct from the farm - can deliver in local area.



Caerfai Farm

Wyn and Chris Evans

St Davids, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6QT

T: 01437 720548

W: www.caerfai.co.uk

E: chrisevans69@hotmail.com

Status: Organic

Breed: MRI - Meuse rhine issel

Feed: grass, clover, no antibiotics, chemicals

Newbridge Farm

H W Oultram & Co.

Ewloe, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 3BS

T: 01244 532108


E: kate.oul@tiscali.co.uk


Breed: Pedigree Ayrshire herd

Feed: Grass fed in summer, silage and maize in winter

Other: Sells fresh daily raw milk from small 'Dragon' fuel station

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

Plas Wilkin

C M Davies

Rhydymwyn, Mold, Clwyd.  CH7 5HH.  

T: 01352 741263 


E: member@plaswilkin.wanadoo.co.uk


Breed: Ayshire cattle



Midlands & the East:

John's Jerseys at Beaconhill Farm

John & Kate Barron

Nash End Lane, Bosbury, Herefordshire, HR8 1JY

T: 01531 640275

W: www.johnsjerseys.co.uk

E: john@johnsjerseys.co.uk

Status: Farmed to organic standards, but not certified

Breed: Jersey Cows

Feed: Grassfed summer, winter grass silage with fodder beets or swedes

No routine use of antibiotics. The farm follows organic farming principles, but does not hold certification.

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

* Phone order and UK delivery now available.


Village Farm

Jane Capon

Market Weston, Diss, Norfolk, IP22 2NZ

T: 01359 221333

W: www.dominidairy.co.uk

E: janecapon@btinternet.com

Status: Organic

Breed: Jersey

Feed: Grassfed in summer and haylage in the winter

Also produces raw butter and cream and whole yoghurt

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

Manor farm

Andrew Rodgers

Manor Rd, Brimington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S43 1NR

T: 07738121947


Status: TBC

Breed: Holstein - Fresian

Feed: Grass fed in summer and hay in winter

Delivers locally and requires 24 hours notice to order milk


Grove Dairy

Keith and James Jefferson-Smith

Hollesley, Woodbridge, Suffolk
IP12 3JX

T: 07967 708220

W: www.rawjerseymilk.co.uk

E: rawjerseymilk@googlemail.com

Delivery Service: Available via Red23

Status: Previously organic, no longer certified, but still farmed to same rigorous standards

Breed: Jersey

Feed: Grass fed in summer, hay, corn meal and veg in winter

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

The Real Food Company (Goat's milk)

Sandbach Road South, Alsager, ST72LP

T: 01270 873322

W: www.therealfoodcompany.org.uk

E: info@therealfoodcompany.org.uk

Status: Biodynamic

Breed: Goats


Other: Only available to purchase direct from the shop at present

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

Fen Farm Dairy

Flixton Road, Bungay, Suffolk, NR35 1PD

T: 01986 897128

W: www.fenfarmdairy.co.uk

E: info@fenfarmdairy.co.uk


Breed: Montbelliarde & Fresian

Feed: Grass fed in summer, home grown hay and forage with some added grains in winter

Milk is sold direct from the farm. Also sell quality unpasteurised cheese.

Pigeons Farm

Roseanna Rogers

Wacton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 2UL

T: O1508 531559

E: roseannarogers@tiscali.co.uk

Status: Organic

Breed: Jersey

Feed: Grass and clover in summer, silage / hay in winter

 Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese

Tim and Simon Jones

Ulceby Grange, Alford, Lincolnshire, LN13 0HE

T: 01507 466987

W: www.lincolnshirepoachercheese.com

E: sales@lincolnshirepoachercheese.com

Status: Organic


Feed:Grass fed on pasture with additional silage, wheat and beans

The Real Raw Milk Company

Mr. Andrew Hollinshead

Hoolgrave Manor, Minshull Vernon
Crewe, Cheshire, United Kingdom CW14RQ

T: 01270 522217

M: 07747 445653

W: www.realrawmilk.co.uk

E: info@realrawmilk.co.uk

Status: High farming standards maintained throughout

Breed: Shorthorn Fresian-Holstein cross breed cattle (A1 & A2 tested)

Feed: Grass fed in summer, home grown silage in winter

Sell A2 tested milk to meet individual dairy tolerance needs.

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

Lodge Farm

Ricky Adderson

Cranfield Road, North Crawley, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 9HW

T: 01234 391250

W: Facebook page

E: a.adderson@hotmail.co.uk


Breed: Mixed breed

Feed: Grass fed in summer, hay, silage and cattle cake in winter

Jacmar Dairy Goats

35 Station Road, Reedham, Norwich, Norfolk, UK, NR13 3TB

T: 01493 701141


E: jacreedham@talktalk.net

Status: Organic

Breed: Goats


Raw organic goats milk can be purchased direct from farm gate

Foulger's Dairy

Adrian Foulger

28 Clare Avenue, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 4ES

T: 01473 735916

W: www.foulgersdairy.co.uk

E: doorstep@foulgersdairy.co.uk

Delivery Service: covers to a wide local area around Woodbridge.

* Online purchase and UK delivery now available.


Breed: Jersey

Feed: Grass fed in summer, hay and lucerne pellets in winter

Lub Cloud Dairy

Lub Cloud Farm, Charley Road, Oaks in Charnwood, Nr. Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 9YA

T: 01509 505055

W: www.lubclouddairy.co.uk

E: phil@lubclouddairy.co.uk

Status: Organic

Breed: Holstein

Feed: Grass fed as much as possible


Horsepool Farm

Bromsgrove Road, Hunnington, Halesowen, Worcestershire, B620JX

T: 01562 710179

W: N/A

E: N/A


Breed: Ayshire

Feed: Grass fed in summer, silage and hay in winter

Oaten Fields Farm

Bromsgrove Road, Hunnington, Halesowen, Worcestershire, B620JL

T: 0121 5501207

W: N/A

E: N/A


Breed: Holstein

Feed: Grass fed in summer

The Calf at Foot Dairy

Home Farm Barn, Somerleyton, Nr. Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 5PR

T: 07787 103508

W: www.the-calf-at-foot-dairy.co.uk

E: fionaprovan@hotmail.co.uk

Status: Farms to Organic standard (not certified)

Breed: Jersey cows

Feed: Grass fed throughout the year (hay and lucerne pellets in winter) - absolutely no grain used. Approved supplier for the Pasture Fed Livestock Association.

Beechenhill Farm

Ilam Moor Lane, Ilam, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 2BD

T: 01335 310274

W: www.beechenhill.co.uk

E: prince@beechenhill.co.uk

Status: Organic

Breed: Fresian and Swedish Red

Feed: Grass fed in summer, silage in winter with some organic feed concentrate

Other: Customers required to bring own containers for purchase.


Sparkenhoe Farm

Upton, nr Nuneaton, CV13 6JX

T: 01455 213863

W: www.leicestershirecheese.co.uk

E: jo@leicestershirecheese.co.uk

Status: LEAF accredited for high sustainable farming methods

Breed: Pedigree Holstein / Fresian cross

Feed: Grass and silage fed in summer, silage oats and hay in winter

Other: No routine antibiotics used

Raw milk and unpastuerised cheeses avaiable from the farm every Friday morning.

Walton Lodge Farm

Leicester Road, Shutton Elms, Broughton Astley, Leicestershire, LE9 6RB

T: 01455 282321

M: 07850 278491


E: nevagree@yahoo.co.uk


Breed: Ayrshire

Feed: Grass fed in summer

Call in advance to order raw milk. Also sells raw double cream.


Monach Farm (Goats)

Buterfly Lodge, Mersea Road, Abberton, Colchester, CO5 7LG

T: 01206 736850

M: 07958 730851

W: Facebook.com/thecraftygoat

E: info@caprilatte.co.uk


Breed: British Toggenburg, Saanen, Alpine and Anglo-Nubian goats

Feed: Hay, cut green feed and vegetarian concentrate

Raw milk, cream, butter and cheese available from farm shop or local delivery.

Straight from the Cow

Carpenters Hill Farm, Beoley, Redditch, Worcestershire, B98 9BS


M: 07989 980320

E: straightfromthecow@hotmail.com

W: www.straightfromthecow.co.uk


Breed: Fresian and Montbelliarde

Feed: Grass fed in summer, home grown hay and silage in the winter

Small scale farm with high standards of farming. Sells direct from farm or local delivery. Also sells beef, pork and bacon.


Fulibroch Dairy (Goat's milk)

Tereza Fairbairn

Oak Tree Cottage, Sudbury Road, Bures St Mary, Suffolk, CO85JT

T: 01787 229914

E: fulibrochherd@yahoo.com


Breed: British Toggenburg goats

Feed: Locally sourced, unsprayed hay, browse and dairy pellets

Goats milk pre-ordered and collected from the farm or available through local farm shops.

South West:

Olive Farm

Dave Paull

Babcary, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 7EJ

T: 01458 223229

W: www.hurdlebrook.co.uk

E: info@hurdlebrook.co.uk

Status: farm beyond organic standard though not certified

Breed: Guernsey

Feed: Grass-fed in the summer and home-grown silage in the winter. No routine anibiotics or grain feeds used.

Short video about the farm

Delivery available via Somerset Local Food Direct: www.localfooddirect.co.uk

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

Dykes Farm

Peter House

Slough Lane, Stoke St Gregory, Taunton, Somerset, TA3 6JH

T: 01823 490349


E: peter-house@btconnect.com

Status: Organic

Breed: Friesian cattle.

Feed: Silage in winter, grass fed in summer

Hagley Bridge Farm

Alison and Andrew Gibbs

Waterrow, Taunton, Somerset, TA42BQ

T: 01984 629026


E: alison@reddevoncheesecompany.co.uk

Status: Organic principles - not certified

Breed: Red Devon crosses, Guernsey's and shorthorns

Feed: Grass fed in summer - Haylage in winter

Pengoon Farm (caravan park)

Ronald East

Nancegollan, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 0BH

T: 01326 561219

W: www.amdow.com or www.pengoonfarm.co.uk

E: stephanieeast@rocketmail.com


Breed: Jersey


Modbury Farm

Tim Garry

Burton Bradstock, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 4NE

T: 01308 897193

W: www.modburyfarm.co.uk

E: info@modburyfarm.co.uk


Breed: Jersey

Feed: Grass fed in summer, silage in winter with some added non-GM dairy cake

Natural Food Finder taste tested and recommended!

Kimbers Farm Shop

Paul and Ruth Kimber

Stavordale farm, Barrow Lane, Charlton Musgrove, Wincanton, BA9 8HJ

T: 01963 33177

W: www.kimbersfarmshop.co.uk

E: info@kimbersfarmshop.co.uk

Status: Traditional farm with high welfare farming standards

Breed: British Fresian/Holsteins and shorthorns

Feed:Grass fed with some home grown fodder including silage, hay, wheat and maize

Winner of the Compassion in World Farming Dairy Award 2012

* Mail order and UK delivery now available.

Elliscombe Farm

G & J Wadman and sons

Holton, Wincanton, BA9 8EA

T: 01963 32393




Breed: Jersey cows

Feed: Grass fed in summer, home grown silage, hay, wheat and maize in winter

West Prince Farm

J A Flashman

Sevenstones, Callington, Cornwall, PL17 8HZ

P: 07976 253692

E: dash.daw@hotmail.com

Status: Organic closed herd

Breed: British fresian

Feed: Grass fed 10 months year, silage/hay in winter

**Please note this farm has ceased selling raw milk at present.

Scorriton Farm

Tony & Sue Colwill

near Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0JB

T: 01364 631277




Breed: Mixed herd with some Channel Island stock

Feed:Grass fed on pasture and silage fed

Manor Farm Organic Dairy

Will and Pam Best

Godmanstone, Dorchester, Dorset, DT27AH

T: 01300 341415


E: enquiries@manor-farm-organic.co.uk

Status: Organic (30years)

Breed: Ayrshire/Swedish Red and Fresian cross

Feed: Grass fed on pasture with some home grown fodder including chicory, kale and salad burnett

Dreamers Farm

Simon and Kate Oakley

North Brewham, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0JW

P: 01749 850016

E: simon.oakley810@btinternet.com

W: www.dreamersfarm.co.uk

Breed: Jersey cows

Feed: Grass fed in summer and hay and silage in winter

No routine use of antibiotics. Delivers to local area including Wells, Glastonbury, Bruton and Bath

Chettle Farm Creamery

Chettle, Blandford, Dorset, UK, DT11 8DA

T: 07925 022515


E: chettlecreamery@hotmail.co.uk


Breed: Channel Island herd

Feed: Grass fed in summer as long as possible

Runs a milk delivery service to the local area

Norsworthy Dairy Goats

Frankland cottage, Gunstone, Crediton, Devon, UK, EX17 5HJ

T: 01363 775326

W: www.norsworthydairygoats.co.uk

E: enquiries@norsworthydairygoats.co.uk


Breed: Goats

Feed: Grass and hay

Award winning goats cheese also available


Barton Farm

Kentisbury, Barnstaple, Devon, EX31 4NQ

T: 01271 882283

W: www.bartonfarmdairy.co.uk

E: bartonfarm@bartonfarm.eclipse.co.uk

Status: Organic

Breed: Guernsey, Fresian & Swedish Red

Feed: Grass fed in summer with silage/haylage, peas and barley in the winter

Red Barn Farm Shop

Hinton Farm, Hinton, Mudbury, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8BA

T: 01935 850994

W: www.redbarnfarmshop.moonfruit.co.uk

E: redbarnfarmshop@btconnect.com


Breed: Pedigree Guernsey herd

Feed: Grass fed in summer with silage in the winter

Other: no routine antibiotcs given

Gilcombe Farm

Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0QE

T: 01749 813710

W: www.gilcombefarm.co.uk

E: Use the website contact form

Status: Organic

Breed: Fresian and Jersey

Feed: Grass fed in summer with homegrown silage, hay and organic oats in the winter

Other: Raw milk is available to buy direct from the farm shop, online or at several London based farmers markets - Hammersmith, Barnes, Palmers Green, Venn street and Abbeville Road.


Queenbower Farm

Michael Reed

Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 0NZ

T: 01983 403840

W: www.queenbowerdairy.co.uk

E: queenbowerdairy@aol.com


Breed: Guernsey


Briddlesford Lodge Farm Shop

Wooton, Isle of White, PO33 4RY

T: 01983 884650

W: www.briddlesfordlodgefarm.co.uk

E: louisegriffin2@tiscali.co.uk


Breed: Guernsey

Feed: grass

Northern Ireland:

Culmore Organic Farm

David Laughlin

Kilrea, Coleraine, BT51 5RY

M: 07711441818

W: www.culmoreorganicfarm.com

E: david@culmoreorganicfarm.com

Status: Organic

Breed: Ayreshire

Feed: Grass fed in summer and silage in winter

Can be purchased direct from the farm or collected from a specific pick up point in Belfast. Please call in advance to place an order.


Weir's Organic Farm

Deane Weir

Pospect House, 136 Ballymore Rd, Mullahead, Tandragee, Co. Armagh, BT62 2JZ

M: 07526997501

W: www.facebook.com/pages/Weirs-Organic-Raw-Milk

E: weirsorganicfarm@hotmail.com

Status: Organic

Breed: British Fresian

Feed: Grass fed in summer and silage in winter, occassional organic meal

Ballyroney Cottage

Vanessa Drew

40 Lacken Road, Ballyroney, Banbridge, County Down, BT32 5JA

M: 07754091772

W: www.ballyroneycottage.com

E: vanessadrew@btinternet.com


Breed: Saanen and Toggenburg goats

Feed: Forage wild during summer, concentrates and home grown veg in winter

Also sells goat milk yoghurt and ice cream, jams, chutneys, free range eggs and home grown vegetables.


Republic of Ireland:

Caviston’s Food Emporium

58 / 59 Glasthule Road, Glasthule, Co. Dublin

Products: Raw milk

E: info@cavistons.com

W: www.cavistons.com

P: +353 12809120


Honest2Goodness Farmers market

Brid Carter

136a Slaney Close, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11

Products: Raw milk

E: brid@honest2goodness.ie

W: www.honest2goodness.ie

P: 087 6294713


Hook and son will deliver to some parts of Scotland see:www.hookandson.co.uk

Breed: Fresians / Holstein

Sadly raw milk is illegal in Scotland and has been since 1983, to join the raw milk movement in Scotland group see: www.rawmilkscotland.webs.com



An international list is available at:
http://www.realmilk.com or http://www.herdshare.com


If you would like to be listed on this site, Please answer the following questions via e-mail: infoatnaturalfoodfinder.co.uk

How big is the milking herd?
What breed is the herd?
Are you certified organic, bio-dynamic or standard?
Any routine antibiotics given?
What feed do the herd have in summer / winter?

Delivery / Collection available?

Purchase from? (Farmers Market etc)

Farmers Name:
Address etc:
Contact phone number.
Email Address.
Website (if available)

Any other information you would like customers to know?

Were always happy to help, so please do get in touch!


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