Presentations & Seminars

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Presentations & seminars

Be empowered and inspired by  world-class presentations that will energise and enthuse you and your colleagues - mentally, physically and spiritually.

There are many areas that could be included at your request. If you have any topic in mind, that does not seem to be covered by the list below, please let us know when you contact us so that we can confirm whether or not it can be incorporated.


  • Traditional Dietary Secrets
  • The Reality of Refined Foods
  • The Foolishness of Fat Phobia
  • Is Organic Food the answer?
  • Modern Foods, the Myths and Marketing
  • Supermarkets versus Farmers Markets
  • How to See the Whole Food Label Story



  • Option 1 - Whet your appetite

    A quick fire 60-minute group presentation that will stimulate, inspire and instil excitement about nutrition, leaving you clamouring for more!

  • Option 2 - Food for thought

    This half-day of motivating nutrition education will challenge your current paradigms, providing reliable evidence to shift your beliefs and open your understanding. This will include two 1-hour sessions and a 30-minute open question forum.

  • Option 3 - Three square meals a day

    A full day of inspirational training that will completely alter your perspective on the food we eat. Discover how we have lost touch with the time-honoured secrets of traditional nutrition that laid the foundations of health for generations. Master the skills of how to navigate your way around the streets of modern day convenience food shopping. Guaranteed to have you talking about the day with friends and family for weeks to come! An action packed day consisting of three 90 minute sessions and a 30 minute open question forum.