Fruit and Vegetables

fruit and vegetables


The full extent of the toxic effects of pesticides in food is not fully known, but many studies have found that even small doses of pesticides and chemicals can have adverse effects on health.

Like nitrates, pesticide residues in vegetables and fruit have no taste or smell. Nor are there any visible signs, although large and perfect looking fruit and vegetables may perhaps be more suspect than poor-quality ones.

In biodynamic farming applications of composts or even ground horn are applied to the soil to nourish its minerals and to foster the health of the vines. A lunar calendar is followed to ensure the balance between land, sun, and solar system. This is the optimum level of organic farming currently certified.

The following UK map helps locate high quality, local vegetable box schemes for delivery of the freshest food to your home.

Key: Light green = Good (Organic), Dark green = Best (Biodynamic)

Full farm details are found by clicking on the icons embedded in the map or by scrolling to the table below the map.

Simply click on a suppliers name for details of  where to purchase items. Some brand names can also be clicked for more information about the product. * For Southern Ireland please click here


Standard tinned fruit and veg, crystallised fruit.



Organic tinned fruit and veg, standard dried fruit (no added sugar or sweeteners).

Brand Suppliers
Green giant organic sweetcorn supermarkets


Fresh standard British fruit and veg in season (wash well), frozen organic fruit and veg, dried organic fruit (no added sugar or sweeteners), bottled organic veg.

Napolina Organic canned tomatoessupermarkets
Essential Organic canned tomatoesEssential
Biona organic canned tomatoesGoodness direct, Ethical superstore, Abel & Cole, Auravita
Abel & Cole organic vegetablesAbel & Cole
De Rit Demeter beetroot, cabbageElysium Natural Products
Clearspring organic Arame and Nori (Japanese sea vegetables)


Fresh organic or biodynamic fruit and veg in season and purchased locally where possible.

Brand Suppliers
Supermarket Organic British sourced Supermarkets
Local farmers markets Farmers markets
Crazy Jack organic dried fruits supermarkets
Tropical Wholefoods organic dried mango Tropical whole foods
Riverford Organic fruit and veg Riverford
Face of Flowers organic fruit & vegetables Face of Flowers
Rod and Bens Organic seasonal fruit/veg box scheme Rod and Bens
East Coast Organics (biodynamic) box scheme (Edinburgh) East Coast Organics
Orchard End Organics (biodynamic) box scheme (East Anglia) Orchard End Organics
Woodlands Farm (biodynamic) box scheme (Lincolnshire) Woodlands Farm
Trinity Farm (biodynamic) box scheme (Nottingham) Trinity Farm
Bluebell Organics box scheme (North Yorkshire) Bluebell Organics
Growing with Nature organic box scheme (Lancashire) Growing with Nature
The Organic Pantry box scheme (North Yorkshire) The Organic Pantry
Pink Pig Farm organic vegetables (Lincolnshire) Pink Pig Farm
Slipstream Organics box scheme (Gloucestershire) Slipstream Organics
Crooked End Farm Organic veg box (Gloucestershire) Crooked End Farm
Silcocks organic fruit and vegetables (Kent) Silcocks Farm shop
Kensons organic veg box (Wiltshire) Kensons Farm
Larchfield Farm and Garden (biodynamic - Middlesborough) Larchfield Farm
The Real Food Company organic veg box (Cheshire) The Real Food Company