Fermented Products



Fermentation allows the bacteria, yeasts and moulds to 'predigest' and therefore break down the carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to create 'probiotics' which introduce friendly bacteria into our digestive tract. A well balanced bacterial flora in our gut is vital to good health - nearly 70% of our immunity is contributed by the bacteria that line every nanometre of our gut wall.

Pasteurization will destroy all of the beneficial digestive enzymes and lactic acid bacteria, as well as valuable vitamin C content, so it greatly diminishes nutritional value without any significant nutritional benefit.

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Standard pickles, chutneys and pasteurised sauerkraut.



Organic pickles, chutneys, regular sauerkraut and standard kefir.

Brand Suppliers
Tracklements Tracklements
Bakoma Kefir Supermarkets
Kuhne sauerkraut Supermarkets


Lacto-fermented organic sauerkraut (usually pasteurised) and other vegeatbles, non-vinegar chutneys and organic kefir.

Brand Suppliers
Nourish Kefir Nourish kefir
De Rit biodynamic sauerkraut Auravita , Elysium natural products
Biona organic sauerkraut Windmill organics


Unheated lacto-fermented vegetables and sauerkraut (preferably organic) made with unrefined salts and a natural starter, organic raw milk kefir. (see recipes)

Brand Suppliers
Rejuvenative foods raw sauerkraut & kimchi Red 23
Cultured Probiotics raw sauerkraut and kimchi *Recommended* Cultured probiotics
Kefir starter culture Food for Consciousness