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Hydration - thirst for truth

It is no secret that the human body needs to have an adequate supply of fluid to maintain hydration and promote optimal health.

Feeding the world without chemicals

Just read this little report from the Weston A Price Foundation - very interesting indeed!

Chocolate Unwrapped!

I have been asked several times whether chocolate is a healthy food? Most people ask this question tongue in cheek expecting to be told that of course chocolate is bad for you! However, it seems when they ask that regardless of the answer they are determined to continue to eat chocolate even if it does turn out to be bad news!

What is Real Food?

This is a short interview with leading fitness professional Bobby Capuccio from PT on the Net. We discuss the issue of what determines the basis of 'real food'. A few interesting little snippets. Enjoy.


Is raw milk really safe to drink? - part 1

An article titled 'The raw milk revolution' was published on the Guardian newspaper on Wednesday 23rd November 2011. It was focused on the growing interest in this historical and valuable food and was not intended to be a convincing argument for the safety of raw milk.

Soy fails to help!

The results of a new study were published yesterday (8th Aug 2011) that delivered a devastating blow to both the soy food industry and the alternative nutrition world who have promoted soy as a 'health' food. The double blind, randomised controlled trial (the gold standard in science) published in the Archives of Internal Medicine stated:

Raw Milk ban proposed for Ireland

Irish Raw Milk Petition

Our unique and current raw milk suppliers map covering the UK and the Republic of Ireland can be found here:

Cancer - The root of the problem

An interesting mix of cancer related material from the renowned Dr's Joseph Mercola and Thomas Cowan has caught our eye.

Mercola says 

10 things you need to know about losing weight.

10 things you (apparently) need to know about losing weight

Market Kitchen - Good Food Channel

We were invited to appear on Market Kitchen as guests. The show airs at 6pm on the Good Food Channel and we can be seen on Monday 31st May along with other guests and presenters - Rachel Allen, Amy Lame, Matt Tebbut, Ben Di Lisi, Matt Bishop and Allegra McEvedy.


Caloric and Artificial Sweeteners Blog (Video)

Caloric and Artificial Sweeteners

Natural Food and Nutrition Conference 2010 Invitation

A personal video invitation from Ben Pratt: Founder of Natural Food Finder

Buy Tickets:

Unpasteurised Raw Milk Blog (Video)

Raw Unpasteurised Milk Blog - Four Minute Fact File

Election Issues - Food and Farming

Today is the day we vote for new leadership here in the UK. It is not our place to say who you should vote for, but we certainly wanted to bring to the forefront how a Conservative, Labour or Liberal democrat government would affect the food and farming industries based on the policies they have been promoting during their respective election campaigns.

Honey for health

Today's science says that even though honey is sweet, if taken in the right dosage as a medicine, it does not even harm diabetic patients.

Britians Biggest Dairy - 8,100 cows

With only 5 major dairies in the UK there has now been a push to create another, but this will be the Goliath of all dairies here in the UK. Surely this is not what the public really want. Is it?

Michelle Obama - Organic Victory Garden

Mrs Obama started work on the kitchen garden with a gang of schoolchildren last month.

Corporate Organics - Who owns who?

Even during a year of recession, 2009 saw a 1.7% rise in the organic food market bringing total sales to a little over £2 billion in the UK. Despite the slightly slower growth in 2009 the overall trend has been dramatic with sales more than doubling in the last 8 years. This strong and buoyant market has attracted the interest of many businesses seeking to get their piece of the organic pie.

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